Biden could censor gun owners like you


The ATF admitted to Congress that it’s keeping nearly 1 BILLION records on gun owners, but our Facebook post that warns the public about the ATF’s illegal federal registry is getting CENSORED by this dubious disclaimer:
This is why every gun owner should be concerned that Joe Biden has nominated a censorship-loving Leftist named Gigi Sohn to run the FCC – the federal entity responsible for regulating the media.
Sohn has shown a willingness to censor Fox News, which was one of the outlets I appeared on to alert the public when GOA first discovered the ATF’s unconstitutional gun registry.
With Sohn’s nomination now uncertain in the 50-50 Senate, I need your help bombarding the Senate to VOTE NO on Biden’s choice to lead the FCC.
Please add your name to our pre-written letter to urge your two Senators to VOTE NO on confirming Gigi Sohn to lead the FCC.
GOA’s Director of Federal Affairs, Aidan Johnston, wrote a detailed article for Daily Caller on why Facebook’s censorious “fact check” is riddled with out-of-context information and flat-out falsehoods.
This isn’t the first time GOA has been censored by anti-gun “fact checkers.”
Leading up to the 2020 election, Gun Owners of America posted an article warning voters about Kamala Harris’ dangerous anti-gun record.
But our Facebook post was CENSORED by this dubious disclaimer:
This is why we vehemently oppose someone who has embraced the idea of censoring dissenting voices to lead the FCC.
Gigi Sohn has stated that Fox News is “DANGEROUS to our democracy.”
For starters, Gigi, our country is a republic, not a democracy.
But truly, the only thing dangerous here to our republic is censorship – and it’s not just dangerous, it’s an immediate DEATH SENTENCE for a free society.
So please, add your name to our pre-written letter to urge the 50-50 Senate to STRIKE DOWN Gigi Sohn’s nomination to lead the FCC.


Erich Pratt is Senior Vice President of Gun Owners of America

Used with the permission of Gun Owners of America.