IPR, ©, Fair Use

Policy on Intellectual Property Rights, Copyrights, & Fair Use.

Self-Educated American, and its parent organization The Center for the American Founding at The Radical Academy, is a strong supporter of intellectual property rights and copyrights. We do not knowingly publish material which is owned by an individual, an institution, or a company without permission of the owner of the published material. The following constitutes our policy regarding publication:

(1) We may publish material if it has been determined that it is in the public domain; that is, it is so old that it is out of copyright and anyone may freely publish it.

(2) We may publish material where the author or copyright owner has granted us permission to publish it.

(3) We may publish material where the doctrine of “fair use” applies; if it is copyrighted material, we usually publish 50 words or less, and usually provide an Internet link to the source.

(4) We may publish material which is in a “questionable” status; that is, we think the material is very important and have made every attempt to contact the publisher, author, and/or the copyright owner, without success. This may be for the following reasons:

  • The author is now deceased and no heir to the copyright can be identified and/or located.
  • The publisher cannot be located using the normal resources and is assumed to be out of business.
  • No copyright owner can be identified or located after numerous attempts.

(5) We may publish material which is submitted to us, either through e-mail or other sources, and does not contain a copyright designate or symbol of copyright ownership and date.

Notice: If you should discover any material on our website which violates any of the above policy, please contact us immediately at [email protected] and we will contact you about a resolution to the problem.