Major Works

Work# 1. Democracy In America, by Alexis de Tocqueville: 1831

Work #2. Notes of the Debates in the Continental Congress: 1775-1776, by John Adams 

Work #3. Novanglus Essays by John Adams 

Work #4. Thoughts On Government, by John Adams—January 1776

Work #5. The American Crisis, by Thomas Paine

Work #6. Defense of the Constitutions of the United States, by John Adams, January 1787

Work #7. Madison’s Notes: The Federal Convention of 1787

Work #8. The Debates In The Several State Conventions On The Adoption Of The Federal Constitution, by Jonathan Elliot (In Progress – Looking for Volunteers or Funding)

Work #9. The Federalist Papers

Work #10. The Anti-Federalist Papers

Work #11. A Plea for the Constitution of the United States, by George Bancroft classic founding case against paper money and in favor of gold and silver as the only legal tender.

Work #12.  Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States, by Joseph Story

Work #13.  The Works of John Adams (in progress, in need of volunteers or funding for this project)

Work #14 The Works of Alexander Hamilton (in progress: in need of volunteers or funding)

Work #15.   Common  Sense, by Thomas Paine 

Work #16.  The Genuine Principles of the Ancient Saxon, or English Constitution, by Demophilus

Work #17. History of the United States, by George Bancroft (in progress)

Work #18. Life of George Washington, by Washington Irving (in progress)

Work #19. Commentaries on the Laws of England, by William Blackstone (in progress)

Work #20. Second Treatise of Government, by John Locke (in progress)

Work #21. Letters From a Farmer in Pennsylvania, by John Dickinson (in progress)

Work #22. The Fabius Letters on the Proposed Constitution, by John Dickinson

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Special Collections

Collection 1. They Were Believers: America’s Founding Fathers on Matters of Religion, Faith & Morality

Collection 2. Called Unto Liberty: Religious Sermons and Writings from the Founding Era right on up through the 21st Century. Demonstrating the Judeo-Christian roots of the American Revolution, of the Constitution, of Inalienable Rights, and of the various fundamental laws and principles which bring about, uphold, prosper, and enduringly perpetuate a free, prosperous, and happy people.

Collection 3. Historical Documents: Western Civilization & The United States

Collection 4. U.S. Historical Essays by Clarence B. Carson

Collection 5. Economic Classics


Early American Thought: Letters, Speeches, Quotes

John Adams

Samuel Adams

Fisher Ames

Edmund Burke (British Statesmen)

J. Fenimore Cooper

John Dickinson

Benjamin Franklin

Thomas Jefferson

Alexander Hamilton

Patrick Henry

John Jay

Abraham Lincoln

John Locke

James Madison

James Otis

Thomas Paine

William Pinkney

Alexis de Tocqueville

George Washington

Daniel Webster

Roger Williams

James Wilson

  • On Federalism
  • On Constitution, State Sovereignty, and Consolidation 1 Dec 1787

Contemporary Essays and Articles

Sheldon Richman

Jonathan Dolhenty

Dennis Behreandt

Steve Farrell

Leonard O. Goenaga

Offsite Resource

  1. Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary.