Historical Documents: Western Civilization and The United States

Signing of Mayflower Compact

Western Civilization

Document 1. Privileges and Prerogatives Granted to Columbus: April 30, 1492

Document 2. Magna Charta or The Great Charter of King John

United States

Document 1.  The Mayflower Compact

Document 2.  Ordinance and Constitution for Council and Assembly in Virginia, 1621

Document 3.  Boston Non-Importation Agreement, 1768

Document 4. The Virginia Declaration of Rights, June 1776

Document 5. The Declaration of Independence, July 1776

Document 6.  The Articles of Confederation

Document 7.  Constitution of the United States (1787)

Document 8.  Bill of Rights to the Constitution of the United States (1789)

Document 9.  Amendments, U.S. Constitution, Since Bill of Rights

Document 10.  Appeal of the Independent Democrats, 1854

Document 11.  Gettysburg Address

Document 12. The Monroe Doctrine, 1823