The Great Source, the Higher Law of the Author of Liberty

It is the conviction and testimony of the Founder and Editor In Chief of Self-Educated American that the American Founders and the Constitution they gave us were raised up by the Lord himself. That America was and is a land set apart in prophecy as “a land of liberty unto the Gentiles” and that it will forever be a land of liberty unto them (and whoever else the Lord has and will lead to this land) so long as the people serve the God of this land, who is Jesus Christ.

It is to Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, and to those, our forefathers, who lived and died in such manner as to merit his blessings (inasmuch as imperfect men may merit God’s aid) that this land owes its liberties and free institutions, its constitution and its free enterprise system, and its religious and cultural heritage.

But all that we have in the past enjoyed, and in many respects still enjoy, hangs this day as if it were by a thread, ready to be severed if we who ought to know better, and who ought to be grateful, fail to intelligently, courageously, and enduringly rise to the occasion, as the sons and daughters of God that we are, and come out God, Family, and Country. No, we cannot sit idly by and expect the blessings of Heaven to rest upon us in such a time as this, for that blessing of liberty is a conditional one, and of this we can be sure: we will be free or enslaved, prosperous or poor, relative to the degree of our collective righteousness or moral degradation as a people. And so I have dedicated Self-Educated American not just to a of political and economic liberty, but to a study of those principles “in the tradition of the Founders,” a tradition that was moral and religious and full of a common conviction that God’s Providential watchcare was over this land, and ever would be, so long as the people were virtuous, so long as they were educated and vigilant in understanding and upholding the principles of liberty, and moral and religious in their duties to their God – for without the latter, the Founders commonly held true, the former was impossible. And so herein lies the balance Self-Educated American hopes to strike, inspire, and perpetuate.

We invite every man and women of liberty to ground themselves in the fundamentals of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to come to a witness of its truths through study, practice, and prayer, and to live it, especially in the two great senses a Jefferson, or an Adams, or a Franklin would encourage: in the love of God, and the love of neighbor, for “on these hang all the law and the prophets,” and on these, ultimately, hangs our liberty too.

God Bless you in your personal and family studies,

Steve Farrell, Founder, Editor In Chief


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