Dr. Dolhenty: Logic and Statistics

The late Jonathan Dolhenty, Ph.D., Founder of The Radical Academy.
Jonathan Dolhenty, Ph.D.

Logic: The science of those principles, laws, and methods which the mind of man in its thinking must follow for the accurate and secure attainment of truth.

Introduction to Logic


Deductive Argumentation

  • Part 1: The Nature of Reasoning
  • Part 2: The Categorical Syllogism
  • Part 3: Figures and Moods of Categorical Syllogisms
  • Part 4: Kinds of Categorical Syllogisms
  • Part 5: The Hypothetical Syllogism
  • Part 6: Arguments in Ordinary Language


Inductive Argumentation

  • Part 1: The Nature of Induction
  • Part 2: The Inductive Method
  • Part 3: The Nature of Scientific Research


A Basic Guide to Statistics

  • Part 1: Variables and Constants, Measurement Scales, Measurements of Position
  • Part 2: Measures of Central Tendency, Measures of Variability
  • Part 3: Graphic Representation
  • Part 4: The Famous Bell Curve, A Practical Illustration of the Normal Probability Curve
  • Part 5: More About the Normal Curve, What You Always Wanted to Know About I.Q. Scores
  • Part 6: Statistical Sampling
  • Part 7: Statistical Correlation
  • Part 8: Evaluating Statistical Information, Two Philosophers Put the Statistical Method to the Test!


Logical Fallacies: The Nonsense Traps

  • Part 1: Fallacies of Relevance
  • Part 2: Fallacies of Ambiguity
  • Part 3: Fallacies of Presumption
  • Part 4: Miscellaneous Fallacies