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Special Features

Academic Freedom and Intellectual Diversity: LeadershipU’s special focus addresses the issue of academic freedom, an important issue to faculty and students.

Resurrection Day 2008: Be Ye Dumbfounded: When Jesus rose from the dead that first Easter morning His disciples did something rather unexpected. They freaked out and then ran back into hiding.

Immanuel – God with Us?:Immanuel. A powerful word, by any estimation. This LeaderU Special Focus for Christmas 2007 examines a wide range of viewpoints and opinions about Jesus. We trust that this Special Focus will encourage our readers to give thoughtful consideration to who Jesus was…and is.

“The Golden Compass”:On December 7, 2007, the movie “The Golden Compass” was released to theaters in the United States. The movie is controversial on many levels. LeaderU exams the story, characters and the agenda behind this movie.

Ethics of the Environment: Modern-day evangelical Christians have largely abdicated the issue of environmental responsibility. In this Special Focus, discover three principles for environmental stewardship, see how an understanding of political theory places environmental responsibility directly in the individual’s hands, and join in the song of an earthly redemptive hope.

Tragedy at Virginia Tech – Evil, Forgiveness, and Healing: Immense tragedies such as this raise a host of questions. Where is God in all this? How could he allow this to happen? What kind of anguish would cause someone to randomly shoot people, and then commit suicide? What can we do as a society to prevent such tragedies in the future?

The Jesus Family Tomb?:James Cameron, director of the movie Titanic, and his documentary director Simcha Jacobovici, claim they have found the “Jesus Family Tomb,” the tomb in which Jesus, his wife Mary Magdalene, and their son Judah were buried, along with other family members.

William Wilberforce: Statesman, Politician, and Humble Servant of Christ: This LeaderU special focus looks at the life and motivation of Wilberforce, as well as the Civil Rights movement and how it is related to Christian principles.

‘Tis the Season: It’s that time of year again: Christmas and New Year’s, the busiest time, perhaps the most materialistic time, on the American calendar. This year, new controversies have erupted: can airports put up a Christmas tree without a menorah? How dangerous is it to wait in line for a PlayStation 3?

The Ethics of Genetics: As the science of genetics continues to grow, ethical questions continue to be in the news. Recently a genetic company claimed that it could harvest embryonic stem cells without harming the embryo. And in the recent midterm elections, the state of Missouri narrowly passed a proposition to allow state-funded research on embryonic stem cells.

Politics and Faith: Certainly Christian faith and practice have political implications. These classic articles attempt to delve into some of those implications, and what they might mean for government and democracy.

School Violence, Suicide, and the Problem of Evil: A recent plague of school shootings in Colorado, Wisconsin, and an Amish community in Pennsylvania are causing people to wonder what would cause these tragedies. Are they related? How can they be avoided? Are there factors in our culture that are contributing to the violence?

Character and Sports: Why is it that athletes in the spotlight are so tempted to jettison integrity? Just what is a Christian view of sport, and how is playing sports related to Christ, integrity and character? The classic articles here explore these timeless topics.

Da Vinci Code – The Movie: The Da Vinci Code phenomenon continues to gain steam with the release of the movie May 19, new books on secret Christian con-spiracies and the recent release of the Gospel of Judas. Dan Brown’s work of fiction, which has now sold 40 million copies (the new paperback has already sold 6 million), continues to fascinate some readers and frustrate others.

Vampires to Life of Christ — Anne Rice’s Christ the Lord & the Incarnation: Anne Rice has gone from writing vampire novels to authoring Jesus’ unauthorized biography in Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt. Does her reclaimed faith result in orthodox historical fiction? What questions does it raise on the incarnation, the human and divine natures of Christ?

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe & the Genius of C.S. Lewis: In an article posted October 3, 2005, Time magazine put forth a test for discerning if the upcoming Disney film The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is “Christian” or not: whether four key sentences from the C.S. Lewis classic fantasy book by the same name are left intact.

Dr. William Lane Craig – Christian Debater, Author, Apologist: Lecturer, author, arguably the world’s top Christian debater, seminary professor, double-doctorate holder, husband and father. All of these and more. Perhaps most important, Craig is a model of humility and love for truth, professional excellence, integrity and openness.

Worldview – History & Christian Application of Weltanschauung Theory: We humans seldom think of our worldview any more than the air that we breathe. Yet, one’s Weltanschauung digs the very channels through which the heart and mind run, according to worldview scholar Dr. David Naugle.

Islam & Jihad – Is Terrorism An Aberration?: Does terrorism represent Islam or does the jihad of radical groups like al Qaeda cut against the grain of the religion? What do the Qur’an and Hadith (sayings, life of Muhammad) say?

Divorce & Marriage (and Cohabitation): Divorce is such an integral part of our collective life that we can now point and click on the Internet to get one. Multiple marriages and cohabitation carry no stigma while some heartily recommend the lifestyles. So what’s the big deal?

Star Wars – Jedi Spirituality: A collection of links to articles and resources dealing with the latest Star Wars film which was released to theaters in May of 2005.

Euthanasia – Mercy or Murder?: A collection of links to articles and resources dealing with the medical and ethical issues surrounding euthanasia.

Is Intelligent Design Getting an Intelligent Hearing?: A collection of links to articles and resources dealing with the evolution vs. creationism controversy, as well as the idea of an Intelligent Designer for the universe.

Tsunamis, Suffering & Evil – How Can an All-Powerful, All-Knowing, Good God Allow It?: A collection of links to articles and resources dealing with the problem of evil from both a religious and philosophical perspective.

Science and Religion – Oil & Water?: A collection of links to articles and resources dealing with reconciling of modern empirical science and religion.

Dealing With Terrorism – A Religious Perspective: A collection of articles on other websites dealing with the terrorist attack on America.

Information About Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ”:A collection of resources about this controversial film.

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