Missing the Mark With Religion, by Steve Farrell

Steve Farrell

Originally penned in the early 2000s and carried most notably by NewsMax.com, but also by a couple of dozen other online pubs (large and small), an online Catholic Encyclopedia, several traditional print publishers (to include: university journals, books, religious magazines, and as a curriculum item at Cambridge University), and, finally, a number of essay were used (with permission) as sermons by pastors – how fun is that!

The full series of essays is large enough to fill 3 or more volumes. For now, a dozen of these essay are available below.

  1. Modern Liberalism
  2. Libertarianism: The Oxymoronic Faith
  3. Not So Compassionate, Not So Conservative, Compassionate Conservatism
  4. Marx and the Worship of Man
  5. Self-worship: The God of Democracy
  6. Moral License—Friend or Foe to Liberty?
  7. Farrell: Red Eye On Marriage
  8. Farrell: Men or Cattle?
  9. Tough Love—Farrell
  10. Is Grief an Evil?
  11. God & Country in 1941: An NEA Coming Out Party
  12. NEA and God: A Partnership in Denial