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The Left’s attack on the Fourth of July

~Another step in erasing our collective memory~ Scot Faulkner My previous column raised alarms about radical leftists who want to obliterate everything good that America ever...

The Newer McCarthy Era, Spin It

BY T.F. STERN I’ve grown to appreciate the talent some folks in the movie industry use to spin their side of a story in such...

Now, We Know My Mother Has Flaws, But….

BY SELWYN DUKE There’s a disclaimer many of us have been conditioned to utter, quite reflexively, and it’s something that has got to stop. When...

Radical Chicano Public School Saved Despite Low Test Scores

EDUCATION, CORRUPTION CHRONICLES While a top Los Angeles public school is set to close for supposedly violating environmental laws, a low-performing campus with a radical...

Cannon Fodder — T.F. Stern

As a citizen and retired police officer there is no excuse for allegedly tossing a tear gas canister into a crowd of foul mouthed anti-American elitists; but then again…

Hip-Hop History Slams Founders

Oklahoma City teachers have complained about a new education aid for U.S. history curriculum, Flocabulary, the program that uses hip-hop songs to teach students

Arizona Bill Targets Classes Promoting Hatred for Whites and The United States

Arizona has passed another controversial bill, HB 2281, that critics are decrying as racist. But Tom Horne, superintendent of public instruction for Arizona insists the bill is intended to curb racism. The measure targets an ethnic studies program -- "RAZA," or "race" -- in the Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) studies. Specifically, the bill prohibits school districts from teaching courses that encourage the overthrow of the U.S. government, promote resentment of a particular race or class of people, or advocate ethnic solidarity instead of treating students as individuals. - Education Reporter

Conservatism on Defense Will Ultimately Lose — Chris Adamo

Far too much is at stake for such tepid and restrained behavior to persist. America is at a crossroads, and unless drastic action is taken to reverse the political direction in which the country is being dragged, the harm inflicted on it may prove irreversible. No more latitude exists for even small incremental liberal advances. Each new precept of the Obama agenda represents another nail in the coffin of America’s former greatness. - Chris Adamo

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