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How Are the Jews Doing?

Durban III will be held in New York in September. Suffice it to say, it will likely be like its predecessors, a hate-fest against Israel and the United States.

UNC Researchers Ask Students to Imagine Incest

Taxpayer funds are being used for research that risks the psychological well-being of students and attempts to link Christian faith with mental illness.

U.N.: Islam is Bad News for Women

Bryan Fischer: I've often told my daughter that she should be grateful that she grew up in a country whose view of women has been shaped by Christianity.

Christianity and the Constitution — American Minute

Congressman Meacham concluded: Had the people, during the Revolution, had a suspicion of any attempt to war against Christianity, that Revolution would have been strangled in its cradle. -- 1854

Pentagon Widens Christian Ban; Graham Says It’s Anti-Religion

The entire National Day of Prayer task force, including the Rev. Franklin Graham, has been "disinvited" to the National Day of Prayer observance to be held at the Pentagon, sources tell Newsmax

Are the Church Abuse Cases Problems of Homosexuality? — Selwyn Duke

Just as critics recoil at the supposed intellectual sloppiness of labeling the abusers homosexuals but will then most sloppily call them pedophiles, they will identify them as “Catholic” and as “priests” but not as homosexual. Why is this? Is it just a coincidence that every example here of selective specificity, sloppiness and hypocrisy serves to either protect the reputation of homosexuals or damage that of the Church? -- Selwyn Duke

Parents Pounded in Anti-Bullying Case — Phyllis Schlafly

The judge allowed school district attorneys to aggressively interrogate the parents about their religious beliefs, sermons they had heard against homosexuality, and whether they were aware the Bible had been used to justify racism and oppression. This case is only one example of the tactic used to promote homosexuality in public schools.