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Caitlin Jenner? Hello Sucker!

BY ALAN CARUBA It doesn’t matter that Bruce Jenner, famed Olympic athlete and member of the Kardashian family, thinks that he is female. He can...

Pope John Paul II

American Minute with Bill Federer He was the most recognized person in the world. He met with Presidents Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush. Born in a...

Attacking the Family: Making the Terms “Father” and “Mother” Passé

By Seldwyn Duke It seems that our neutered, post-Christian culture just can’t do enough to vindicate Muslims’ accusation of Western decadence.  And the...

Rescuing Our Kids and Country From Karl Marx — Steve Farrell

It bears repeating: If we hope to halt, reverse and permanently alter America's descent into the gutter of debauchery, and that political tyranny that is forever its companion — "education is the key." And if so, it must be, it can only be that that education is initiated, financed, and controlled by parents, not by Karl Marx and the Almighty State; no, nor by anyone far removed from our home, our values, our input, and our right to say, "You're fired!" - Steve Farrell