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Civil Government is of God, Tyranny of Man – Benjamin Colman

CALLED UNTO LIBERTY, FOUNDING ERA SERMONS GOD hath set: As well in the nature of things, as in his word. Government is not a creature...

Fighter Jets for the Muslim Brotherhood – A Gift We Shouldn’t Give

JORDAN SEKULOW, ACLJ With a continuing moral crisis in America, the fight over whether we continue to spend taxpayer money we don’t have, it is...

Magistrates As Pillars — Benjamin Colman

Integrity, uprightness, faithfulness added to knowledge and wisdom, makes men strong and beautiful pillars, whether in church or state. Every man is ready to pretend to a competency of wisdom, and as ready to proclaim his own Goodness; but a faithful Man who can find? Prov. xx. 6. He is a rare and beauteous spectacle, as Moses, Joshua, Samuel, Jehojada, Hezekiah and Nehemiah, in their times, and to the end of time. All that rule over men should be like to these, just men ruling in the fear of the Lord -- Benjamin Colman, 1730