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Migrant caravan: How we got here

The White House - November 28, 2018 Over the weekend, a group of more than 1,000 migrants—the vast majority of them single adult males—attempted to illegally...

Gingrich Blasts Obama Administration Over Immigration Litigation

Liberty Alerts, Fred Lucas, CNSNews.com GOP presidential front-runner Newt Gingrich, campaigning in the early primary state of South Carolina, criticized the Obama administration for challenging...

Obama Leaves Mexico Border Unfenced

Liberty Alerts, Edwin Mora, CNSNews.com The Obama administration has slashed spending on border fencing, infrastructure and technology, cutting it by more than half since it...

‘Alligators in the Moat’: Obama Mocks Concerns About Border Security

Liberty Alerts, Fred Lucas, CNSNews.com President Barack Obama told a border crowd in Texas Tuesday that he has addressed the border security concerns of Republicans....

Government’s Border Security Approach Is Ineffective

Veronica Escobar, stated that the federal government’s border security approach is “ineffective” because it involves building fences that are “pushing border crossers”

GOP Joins Obama To Cut Border Security Funding

Crucial border security programs are on the chopping block under a government spending bill proposed by Republicans.

Mexican Military Incursion in Texas

Highlighting the U.S. government’s perpetual failure to secure the southern border, a Mexican military helicopter was photographed by a Texas sheriff this week flying over a residential neighborhood at least a mile into the American side of the Rio Grande. ... [T]he timing of this incursion is especially alarming since it occurred on the same week that Homeland Security officials revealed Mexican drug cartels are rapidly infiltrating federal law enforcement agencies along the southwest border.