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Do You Have a Constitutional Right to Follow the President on Twitter?

JOHN SAMPLES, CATO INSTITUTE Several Twitter users blocked by President Trump have threatened to file suit, alleging that his Twitter account constitutes a public forum,...

Federalist Papers. No. 83, Alexander Hamilton

FOUNDERS CORNER LIBRARY: MAJOR WORKS Saturday, July 5, Wednesday, July 9, Saturday July 12, 1788 Judiciary in relation to trial by jury, interpreting written law of...

“Minnesota ‘Unsession’ Dumps 1,175 Obsolete, Silly Laws”

WALTER OLSON, CATO INSTITUTE Wow, more of this please : It’s no longer a crime in Minnesota to carry fruit in an illegally sized container. The...

Judge Rebukes Labor Department Over Shoddy Case

WALTER OLSON, CATO INSTITUTE It seems every week or two another federal agency gets smacked down in court for trampling the rights of regulated parties...

Militarizing Law Enforcement – “We’re Not in Mayberry Anymore”

BY BOB BARR The University of the Incarnate Word is a highly-rated Catholic college in San Antonio, Texas. It is hardly a hot bed of...

Capital Controls Have No Place in a Free Society

Texas Straight Talk with Ron Paul The characteristic mark of a tyrannical regime is that it eventually finds it necessary to erect walls to keep...

If You Sweat Too Much You Might Be a Terrorist

By Dennis Behreandt The New York Nightlife Association, in cooperation with the New York City Police Department, has issued the second edition of its Best...

National Insecurity: Betraying Our Ideals Without Even Knowing It

President Obama, who campaigned against Bush administration civil-liberties violations like warrantless wiretapping, wants Congress to expand the scope of national security letters even more.

Rand Paul Was Right; Liberals Say So — Bryan Fischer

Rand Paul argues that the constitutional principle of freedom of association allows private individuals and businesses to decide with whom they will associate, and that it is not the business of government to tell them with whom they must fraternize. That's not racism. Protecting the right of association is what allows churches to restrict membership to believers, the Boy Scouts to hire only heterosexual Scoutmasters, atheist clubs to exclude Bible thumpers, and homosexual student clubs on college campuses to be comprised of, well, homosexual students. -- Bryan Fischer

The Government As Identity Thieves — Ron Paul

If someone incurred debts against you as an individual, without your knowledge or consent, you would call it identity theft. You would call your bank for a full accounting of the debts incurred in your name, and after some verification, those debts would be declared invalid and you would not be held responsible for them. Furthermore, if the culprit was found, they would be prosecuted and sent to jail. Not so with governments and central banks. - Ron Paul

End the Mandate — Ron Paul

Meanwhile, alternate methods of healthcare delivery and financing, such as concierge doctors, alternative medicine, or physician owned hospitals will be greatly harmed, if not put out of business altogether, when the entire country is forced into the insurance model. It will be difficult for families to come up with extra money to pay for alternate healthcare of their choice when their budget has been squeezed by this mandate to buy insurance. -- Ron Paul