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Friends of Earth – Enemies of Mankind

BY ALAN CARUBA It’s such a benign sounding name, Friends of the Earth. This multi-million dollar international organization is a network of environmental organizations in...

EPA’s Killer MACT

By Alan Caruba To understand how the Environmental Protection Agency operates, one must first understand that it lies all the time. Its “estimates” are bogus....

Against All Energy Anywhere

One of the great afflictions of the environmentalists—Greens—everywhere is a profound lack of understanding of the role that energy plays.

When Idiots Join Hands — Alan Caruba

First, let it be said that the American people do not desperately want “a new energy strategy.” They did not want Obamacare. They do not want Cap-and-Trade. They do not want amnesty for an estimated ten to twenty million illegal aliens. Along with the totally discredited global warming hoax, this has got to be the biggest lie Obama keeps repeating, along with promises of thousands of “green jobs.”

These Are NOT Your Friends — Alan Caruba

The Democrats have defeated a Senate resolution that would make the EPA accountable to Congress and keep the agency from unilaterally writing its own rules to define carbon dioxide (C02) as a "pollutant" and greenhouse gas for the agency to regulate.

Climate Wars! — Alan Caruba

Wars come and go, cities are destroyed and rebuilt, monuments are erected, and life goes on. This is the traditional view of war, but right now the world is engaged in the latest battle of a “climate war” that has been going on since the 1970s when the Club of Rome concluded in a report titled, “The real enemy then, is humanity itself”, that the world’s population had to be reduced. -- Alan Caruba

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America’s Useful Idiots

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Romanian Churches Request Full Court Review

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ALLEN WEST: Lyndon Johnson’s Failed ‘Great Society’

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