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The General Motors Debacle

By Alan Caruba I received an email from my friend, Seldon B. Graham, Jr., a veteran of the oil industry, possessing both engineering and law...

The Gasoline Demagogues Will Be Back

In late February gasoline prices across America were surpassing $3 a gallon.

Time to End the Ethanol Rip-Off

Want to avoid $30 billion in new deficit spending over the next five years? You do? Okay, then contact your congressman and tell him you want to let the VEETC expire.

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Thank Goodness Dr. Fauci Does Not Run NASA

BY BOB BARR Blue state governors and blue city mayors are continuing to repeat their “sky-is-falling” outcries that people should be afraid to take a...

Prioritizing climate over pandemics

BY PAUL DRIESSEN ~We need a full accounting of what was spent preparing for the ‘climate crisis’ versus COVID~ As of May 20, the United States...

Honoring Their Gift

BY T.F. STERN Gratitude is an interesting human trait.  We say thank you when somebody does something nice for us or gives us a present;...

The real climate science deniers

BY PAUL DRIESSEN ~Manmade climate crisis promoters reject inconvenient evidence of natural climate change~ Fifty years ago, I helped organize Earth Day #1 programs on my...