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U.S./Soros-Funded Colombian Group Blasts JW for Exposing Ties to Violent Marxist Guerrillas

LIBERTY ALERTS, JUDICIAL WATCH A Colombian human rights group funded by the U.S. government and leftwing billionaire George Soros is attacking Judicial Watch for exposing its ties...

How the Obama State Dept. funded Soros group’s activities

Read Judicial Watch's press release below: Obama USAID Used U.S. Taxpayers’ Funds to Back Soros Group’s Effort to Give Albania’s Socialist Government ‘Full Control Over...

A look at the face of the most dangerous man in America

BY ALLEN WEST Oh boy, another episode of “As the World Turns with Liberal Progressive Hypocrisy” — they make it so easy. Now, yesterday we...

Is Obama a Saboteur? — T.F. Stern

Obama’s decision has been to cripple American oil drilling interests, chasing off specialized drilling equipment which take years to obtain and put into use, loaning American tax dollars to a Brazilian oil company which just happens to have as one of its largest investors, George Soros; are any of these dots worth connecting?