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John Dickinson: Look Unto God Not the Charter for Our Rights

Liberty Letters Quote of the Day, John Dickinson To talk of your "charter" gentlemen, on this occasion, is but weakening the cause by relying on...

On Inalienable Rights (and comments on capital punishment)

by Mortimer J. Adler, Ph.D. What is being denied by the negative statement that certain rights are not alienable? Human beings living in organized societies...

Laying Claim Upon the Higher Law

The Moral Liberal with Steve Farrell In his Commentaries on the Laws of England (1765) familiar to American colonial students of law, Sir William Blackstone...

The Relentless Effort to Control the News — Henry Lamb

In regards to various proposals by Team Obama to "save" the flailing 'mainstream' press, Henry Lambs writes: "The real problem being addressed by this administration and academic double-speak is this: 'the media are producing more information to a broader audience about ideas that are not supportive of our progressive-Marxist philosophy and we have to find a way to stop it.'"

No Other Patron Necessary — Algernon Sidney

This appears so plainly in Scripture, that the assertors of liberty want no other patron than God himself; and his word so fully justifies what we contend for ... -- Algernon Sidney

No Inconsequential Matter — Steve Farrell

The trouble with those who view our system today as a democracy rather than what the American Founders called it -- a republic -- is that they forget that there are some political activities, some laws, that can never claim legitimacy (even by direct or indirect majority support). This is so because our republic balances out its democratic features with an emphasis on the rule of law, inalienable rights, and especially the protection of property. - Steve Farrell

Right to Revolution — Alexander Hamilton

There are some events in society, to which human laws cannot extend; but when applied to them lose all their force and efficacy. In short, when human laws contradict or discountenance the means, which are necessary to preserve the essential rights of any society, they defeat the proper end of all laws, and so become null and void. -- Alexander Hamilton

2010 and the Right to Bear Arms — T.F. Stern

It would be a welcome step toward restoring America to that which our founders envisioned if the Supreme Court were to favorably word their ruling, to acknowledge once and for all times, the nature of rights, that they apply uniformly across state boundaries, to include and spotlight the predominant idea that such rights are not granted from government at any level; but exist because of the eternal nature of rights.

Moral Anarchy: Seedbed of Tyranny, by Steve Montgomery

Ok, so it's a bad movie. But even bad movies can have great lessons. I speak of the 1999 theatrical flop, "Wild Wild West."...

Private Property: Right From God, Friend of Republics, by Steve Farrell

Missing the Mark With Religion, Part 18 To possess a memory is to be blessed with a priceless good. It is our link to the...