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Senate Bill Gives Obama, Feds Control Of Internet

Keeping with the Obama big government script, a bill has been introduced in the U.S. Senate to grant the federal government “absolute power” to shut down the internet and the president the authority to seize control of it in the name of national security.

Interior Dept. Impedes Border Patrol From Securing U.S.

Putting environmental preservation ahead of national security, the Interior Department prevents Border Patrol agents from securing heavily transited federal wildlife refuges along the Mexican border, including the one used by an illegal immigrant who recently murdered an Arizona rancher.

Childhood Obesity Threatens National Security, Says First Lady

Liberty Alerts, Judicial Watch Shortly after proclaiming that her husband “has done a phenomenal job” Michelle Obama declared that child obesity is a threat to...

Fake U.S. Marshal, Phony Prisoner Slip By Airport Security

San Diego. A man impersonating a federal agent easily slipped past security at a major southern California airport, marking the latest of many embarrassing gaffes for the famously inept government agency charged with securing the nation’s transportation system.

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