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Confessions of a Draft Dodger

BY EARL H. TILFORD, INSTITUTE FOR FAITH & FREEDOM Next month I turn 75. The ubiquitous “they” tell me I’m on a COVID-19 “endangered species”...

America the Beautiful, by One Voice Children’s Choir

One Voice Children's Choir 1.75M subscribers The One Voice Children’s Choir (OVCC) together with Follow the Flag (FTF) encourages patriotism all around the world as we...

The Remarkable Ronald Reagan

BY PHYLLIS SCHLAFLY I suggest that parents who have children in public school look at their textbooks and check the index for the name Ronald...

The Patriotic Efforts of Heaven Directed Men — American Minute

"A coincidence...so wonderful gives confidence...that the patriotic efforts of these...men were Heaven directed, and furnishes a new...hope that the prosperity of these States is under the special protection of a kind Providence."

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