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Barack Obama, Shape-Shifter

By Alan Caruba With the advent of the centennial of Ronald Reagan’s birthday on Sunday, it was perhaps predictable that Time Magazine would photoshop...

TIME Compares Homosexuals to Rats

Researchers found that male rats who were raised with a bunch of sister rats are “less reliable heterosexuals” than their counterparts who weren’t.

Good Riddance to Newsweek — Alan Caruba

It is extremely doubtful that The Washington Post will find a buyer for Newsweek magazine and it would not surprise me if Time magazine disappears as well. Both are an offense to anything that passes for journalistic ethics or practices and have been for far too long.

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This Old Rocking Chair

BY T.F. STERN When my parents were starting out as a family I remember them having a beautiful black Hitchcock Rocking Chair with its traditional...

Food Security in a Post-Covid World

BY PAUL DRIESSEN ~European Conservatives and Reformists Party hosts another ‘Europe Debates’ webinar~ US-EU trade talks are already stalled over agriculture issues. And yet the European...

Sharing an Important Message

BY T.F. STERN You might recall a wonderful black and white movie from the early 1950s, The Day the Earth Stood Still, with Michael Rennie playing...

Manners, Morality and Today’s Civil Unrest

WESLEY SMITH, ACLJ Sitting in traffic this week, I noticed a decal on the rear window of a car in front of me.  It read: ...