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Whole-Body Imaging: Intrusion Without Security

Every time the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) fails to protect aviation, as it did when it allowed Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to board a plane last Christmas Day, it punishes passengers with further restrictions and humiliations. Now the agency wants to virtually strip-search us with whole-body imagers. These gizmos peer through clothing to the skin beneath so that we appear naked on the monitor.

Fake U.S. Marshal, Phony Prisoner Slip By Airport Security

San Diego. A man impersonating a federal agent easily slipped past security at a major southern California airport, marking the latest of many embarrassing gaffes for the famously inept government agency charged with securing the nation’s transportation system.

Democrat Implosion Continues — Southers Quits

The Moral Liberal with Steve Farrell This morning offers two more signs that the Obama Administration's socialist assault on America is imploding: one, the shocking...

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