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Stop Calling it an Opioid Crisis—It’s a Heroin and Fentanyl Crisis

JEFFREY A. SINGER, CATO INSTITUTE The National Center for Health Statistics reported last month that a record 63,600 deaths occurred in 2016 due to overdoses. Digging deeper into that...

European Environmentalists Rekindling Cocaine Problem in Columbia and in the United States

BY BOB BARR Not that many years ago, the South American nation of Colombia was on the cusp of becoming a failed “narco-state.” With climatic...

Yes, Virginia, Federalism Applies to Marijuana Reform

BY BOB BARR There is a simple, universal elegance to the conservative concept of federalism. When confronted with a governing decision not explicitly addressed in...

Mexican Cartels Expand to All U.S. Regions

The U.S. government has spent billions of dollars to fight Mexican drug cartels yet they continue to be the nation’s largest supplier of illicit narcotics and violent Mexican gangs have expanded into every region of the country, including idyllic rural areas.