Radical Academy: Root Principles & Common Sense

Are We Mindful of Petrification of Our Soul?

Petrifaction is of two sorts. There is petrifaction of the understanding; and also of the sense of shame. Epictetus

Stay at Your Post!

When He gives the signal, and releases you from this service, then depart to Him. But for the present endure in the place wherein He hath assigned you your post

A Kinship That Ought to Free Ourselves From Worldly Fears

Epictetus wonders why men who know they are the sons of God should fear men, their tortures, and even death, a death which would literally free us. Epictetus

Life’s Lessons Can Be Learned Anywhere

When there is no need even to take a journey, but you are on the spot, with the works before you, have you no care to contemplate and study these? Epictetus

Man Made for Contemplation and Action

Wherefore it is a shame for man to begin and to leave off where the brutes do... Epictetus

The Old Book

O BOOK of books and friend of friends alone. How deep the debt of gratitude to thee! For every human ill thou hast a charm with fragrance fresh as in Judæan days

Can Good Ends Be Accomplished by Evil Means?

Plato, through the voice of Socrates, asks if doing evil is always wrong.

To Follow the One Or the Many?

Ought we to follow the opinion of the many and to fear them; or the opinion of the one man who has understanding? Plato quoting Socrates

If Wrong, The Greater the Zeal the Greater the Evil

Daily Dabble in the Classics, Plato Socrates to Crito: Dear Crito, your zeal is invaluable, if a right one; but if wrong, the greater the...

The State of Public Education

Robert F. Beaudine says if we followed the Aristotelian tradition: education customized to serve the state: then our kids would be constitutional patriots.

Anti-Christian Motive: To Run Riot in Bloody Seditions

For why do you complain of Christianity, unless you desire to enjoy your luxurious license unrestrained, [a] profligate life without interruption...? Augustine

The Spiritual Value of a Sacrament

The spiritual virtue of a sacrament is like light,—although it passes among the impure, it is not polluted. Saint Augustine

True Friendship Only Exists Between Good Men

In a true friend a man sees a second self. So...where his friend is he is; if his friend be rich he is not poor; though he be weak his friend’s strength is his

Cicero: On Death and Immortality

For I am not one of these modern philosophers who maintain that our souls perish with our bodies, and that death ends all. Cicero

Every Man a Debtor to His Profession

I hold every man a debtor to his profession ... Francis Bacon

In Lazy Apathy Let Stoics Boast

In lazy apathy let stoics boast their virtue fix’d: ’t is fix’d as in a frost ... Alexander Pope

The Doom of Modern Art

The Russian mystic and painter, Oleg Korolev, wrote, “We must remember that through this, the Modernist’s slaughter-house destroyed generations of artists!”