Maurine Proctor

Something is Rotten in the State of Massachusetts

Despite DOMA being passed in Congress in 1996 by an overwhelming majority of seventy-four percent in the House and eighty-five percent in the Senate one judge "playing legislature" strikes it down as unconstitutional. Elena Kagan played a major role in weakening DOMA. - Maurine Proctor

Is Media Deceny Unconstitutional?

It's a mistake in both cases to assume that free speech was intended to be administered without any restraint. There are community standards that must be upheld and children that must be protected. Certainly the Founding Fathers would have respected that. - Maurine Proctor

Coming Soon…Taxpayer-Funded Abortion Clinics — Maurine Proctor

What if I told you that 423 taxpayer funded abortion clinics could be open for business virtually overnight! No, this is not courtesy of Obamacare, it's courtesy of the military. If the annual appropriation bill for the Department of Defense (DOD), aka the military, passes the Senate in its current form, that will be exactly what happens. - Maurine Proctor, Family Leader

Sex-Ed for Kindergarteners? — Maurine Proctor

Do you want your five or six-year-old learning about sex at school? What we're seeing in Montana is proving to be a trend throughout the country. The Helena Public School system in Montana is coming under fire for a proposed plan to teach sex education to students in kindergarten through 12th grade. - Maurine Proctor

Prop 8 Judge Concerns — Maurine Proctor

by Maurine Proctor Ed Whelan, who writes on a blog for National Review, is closely watching the anti-Proposition 8 in San Francisco, and makes some...

Prop 8 Trial — No Broadcast Says Supreme Court — Maurine Proctor

by Maurine Proctor Following up on its Monday interim order, the U.S. Supreme Court this afternoon issued an order barring the broadcasting of the trial...