Robert Oliphant

Memorization, American Dictionaries, and Biblical Names: An Opportunity for Personal-Best Learners

Most Americans will agree that Sunday school does not hurt young people. Tedious though lectures and discussions may be, they certainly inoculate listeners against...

Learning the Lord’s Prayer in Gothic:

Just as we know the word AMERICA goes back to someone’s name, so we know our “American Language,” as Noah Webster called it, goes back to earlier sources.

Parsing “The King’s Speech” for Yanks — A Strong Case for Oracy

School Days, Education News Robert Oliphant - Is “The King’s Speech” meant to cheer up unemployed English teachers? Certainly our first view of the elocutionist...

Patriotic Oracy and Economic Survival — A Four-Beat Option for Tongue-Tied Young Americans

Today, though, we lack national expertise in rhetoric, long since gobbled up by “English.” So we must rely upon American classroom teachers from middle school on.

Oracy, Alzheimer’s, and Literacy as Candidates for Congressional Consensus

Our most agreement-friendly target is that of improving our nation’s listening and speaking skills — measurably so.