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Democrats In Drag by Steve Farrell

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Democrats In Drag: Third Way Fall From Grace -exposes The Third Way (also called Compassionate Conservatism), esp. within the Republican Party, as a movement that dresses itself up as a bold, visionary return to the wisdom & brilliance of America’s Founders even as it ridiculously and quite revealing lays claim to the “safe” middle ground between the efficiency of Capitalism & the charity of Communism.

Clinton and Blair's Center-Left Democracy

Socialism, communism and fascism are four-letter words, so frequently name's change to hide the tyranny.

Term Limits and the Citizen Legislature Scam

In 1996 the liberal Democrats out-conservatived the Republicans when they threw out a radical proposal to transform the U.S. from a republic to a democracy.

Using Jefferson As A Cloak for Revolution

The Third Way really has no respect for time-tested values for its dogma demands that each new wave of civilization must crush the the previous civilization.

Contract With America: The Betrayal Begins

Third Way betrayals within the Contract With America headlined to the right and legislated to the left with this design: radically alter the Constitution.

Eradicating the U.S. Constitution by Design

The Third Way and its twin, Compassionate Conservatism, is a creature in hiding come forth from the badlands of socialism & communism masked and cloaked in futurism and social democracy

Technology, Sovereignty, and The Third Wave

by Steve Farrell Introduction, Democrats In Drag, Part 1 On November 11, 1994, in a post-election victory speech, Republican House member Newt Gingrich revealed to Congress...